Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time to start thinking Valentines Day

Working on valentine themes.  Helping plan a nursery school party for my granddaughter's 4's class and decorations for the house in the next couple of days.  Picked up some things at the dollar store for the school party.  Now I need to collect leftovers  craft items from previous years(or get what I need)  and come up with a craft, some games and decorations.  Simple and quick crafts for 4's.  Games to get the more timid involved in along with the very outgoing(my granddaughter).  Maybe even a story to calm them down before they go home.  Since I am a Grandma at this party my co-hostess is a mother of one of the children.  We must get together to plan all of this.   This is not my first time doing a four year old's party.  My grandson was in this class two years ago.  Should be good at Valentines parties till the littlest one is here. Need ideas for a snack that will be cute and not too messy.  A theme is always a good place to start.  Time to get to work.

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  1. Have fun Anna! Thanks for you sweet comment. Hope to see you join my newbie party sometime in future when you post your craft.