Friday, July 25, 2014

From junk glass to a beautiful birdbath

Just a quick post to show what you can do in about just minute of your time.  All you need is a few vases or glasses and plates or bowls.  The size will be determined by your choice of glassware.  My finished piece is about 27 inches tall.

For my birdbath I chose two vases.  A ruby glass vase and a very unusual light green mercury glass vase these were attached to a clear pressed glass luncheon plate for my base and I uses a cobalt blue glass charger as my birdbaths bowl.  When you choose your pieces make sure the surfaces are flat and will fit together the way you are envisioning it.  For my glue I used  clear GE Premium Waterproof Silicone for kitchens,bath & plumbing


Just 6  steps
   1.  Clean your glass pieces,  wipe the areas you are going to be gluing together with alcohol.  That will remove any oily residue so that your glue will adhere better.
   2.  Put a bead of glue around the rim of your bottom vase and place it on your luncheon plate in the desired position.  I chose to use the back of my plate to attach my vase.  It gave me a more stable base
that way.  Allow these pieces to set up before going to the next step.
   3.  Apply glue to the base of your second vase and place it on the base of the first vase that you have attached to your luncheon plate.  Allow to set before going on.
   4.  Place your piece that you will be using as your top piece upside down on the work surface.  This is so you can attach the base.
   5.  Apply a bead of glue around the rim of your base section.  Carefully take your tower and turn it upside down onto the back of the piece you chose as your top.  Leave it like this till it is completely dry.
   6.  Turn your piece over and enjoy it!!!