Monday, March 31, 2014

Please give the source propper credit.

I am ready to start blogging but I may have a problem when I see pinterest given as a source for a post I created or anyone else for that matter. As I visited a page that I had liked previously on FB to find the source for a photograph they had posted I found they had credited Pinterest. So I commented to them (after taking less than 5 minutes to track the original source) .... Pinterest is not a source for this pin. They are simply a sharing site.The source for this subway dresser is Sea Rose Cottage's Blog and it has a diy with it. The link was broken and the blogger had not watermarked the photograph. Guess what? I can no longer comment on that site. Not happy about that but I am sure if their items were not given proper credit they wouldn't like it very much. Let this be a lesson don't forget to watermark all of your work. We all work too hard not to be given proper credit.

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