Monday, February 27, 2012

Make Your Jewelry Part of Your Room

        Make a jewelry board to keep your jewelry neat and add       personality to your room

 Collect your supplies. 
 Choose your frames as simple or ornate as you want. 
 You will need a piece of  1/4 inch plywood to fit your frame.    Choose your fabric to compliment your room and your jewelry.  You will need a piece large enough to wrap around your plywood and a piece of  thin batting to fit the board.  
You will also need an assortment or matching drawer pulls or door knobs and a screw just long enough to go through your plywood and tighten your pull to the board.
You will also need a drill
                                 staple gun
                                 paint for your frames 
                                 a drill to make your hole for your knob             
                                 hangers (strong enough to hold with jewelry)
                                 I used two on mine so they stay straight when
                                    jewelry is placed on it .
I began by sanding my frames lightly and painting them to match my room.  
Your plywood needs to be cut to fit into your frame.
Decide where you want to place your knobs.  Drill the plywood.
Place the batting on the plywood and cover with your fabric wrapping it around to the back and staple in place.
Take your screw for your knob and place it through the hole you made for it.  You may need to punch a hole in the fabric for your screw to go through.  Tighten the knob to the backboard.
Place your board into the frame and staple into place.
I cover the back  of all my frames with brown craft paper.  Spread  white glue along the edge of the frame and place a piece of paper on the back.  After the glue has stared to dry you can take a spry bottle with water and lightly mist the paper.  Use your hair dryer to dry the paper.  This will shrink the paper and give you a professional finish to the back.  
Attach your hangers and enjoy your beautiful jewelry boards.

I would love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment.   


  1. Great idea, Anna. I like that everything is spread out and you can see it all when choosing your jewelry for the day!

  2. You're off to a good start looking forward to seeing more projects. I have a shabby apple giveway starting tomorrow come on by.

  3. These look great! It's wonderful to be able to see all your jewelry in a glance and it makes for pretty wall art as well!

  4. You did a great job with your jewelry display! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Blessings, Tammy